Make iPhone Camera Shoot Photos in JPG Instead of HEIC in iOS 15

Make iPhone Camera Shoot Photos in JPG Instead of HEIC

Starting with iOS 11 and continue on iOS 12 and 15 Apple switched the default camera formats for photos and videos to new “high efficiency” standards. That meant by default iPhone Camera Shoot Photos HEIC file format instead of JPEG, and the default for videos is now HEVC instead of H264. This is a great innovation by apple, allow for file sizes to be smaller while maintaining the same quality, which means you’ll be able to store more pictures and videos on your iPhone.  But the problem is HEIC and HEVC files aren’t yet universally supported. Still, Windows PC, outdated Android phone, or even an older Mac, Didn’t support the HEIC and HEVC file formats. And this is the reason, many users want to switch the iPhone camera back to the older jpg, more compatible formats. If you are one of them, here steps to Make iPhone Camera Shoot Photos in JPG Instead of HEIC in iOS 15.

The HEIC/HEIF Format

HEIC/HEIF is a special format for images that takes photos and compresses their size up to 50 percent. The amazing thing about this unique file format is that even though it can reduce a file’s size up to 50 percent, it doesn’t compromise its quality at all.

On the downside of things, the HEIC/HEIF format is not as popular as JPEG and therefore, it’s not universally supported by other devices and operating systems. This means that while HEIC/HEIF might be better than JPEG, Apple fans are going to have some issues transferring their photos to other devices.

Set iPhone Camera to Saving Photos as JPEG

Convert HEIC to JPEG on iPhone

If you already have a photo in HEIC format and looking for converting them to JPEG, there are a number of ways to convert the file directly on the iPhone.

Go to Settings > Camera > Formats > Choose Automatic under TRANSFER TO MAC OR PC.

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