How to fix MBR (Master Boot Record) Errors in Windows 10

windows boot manager error

MBR stands for Master Boot Record, also acts as a loader for the Windows operating system that holds boot information which is used for identifying the partitions and the location of the system. In simple words when you start your system the MBR informs the boot process as to what is about to follow, such as partition layouts, sizes, file systems, and so on. And If MBR is damaged, you won’t access the system when you boot the PC. Or you might encounter windows 10 boot error such as Operating System not found, Error loading operating system, no boot device found and more.

MBR holds boot information which is used for identifying the partitions and the location of the system. When you turn on or restart the computer, it will get the startup code from MBR.

Repair Master Boot Record (MBR) on Windows 10

There are many reasons you face boot errors in Windows10. More often than not, boot errors in Windows are a direct result of your intentional or unintentional actions like deleting important boot files in the system drive (C:), removing the second operating system without first changing the boot record, modifying the boot record, boot file corruption, etc. And If you ever find yourself with such annoying Windows boot errors then here’s how to fix MBR errors in Windows 10.

Access Windows recovery environment

To fix Windows MBR errors we need to access the Windows Recovery Environment.

But if you don’t have here how to fix Windows MBR without an installation disk.

Perform startup repair

Let’s perform startup repair the only recovery tool that repairs windows starting problems quickly because this effective tool is intended to repair only certain glitches like, missing or damaged system files who mainly used to load your windows operating system.

Fix MBR error with Command Prompt

Still getting boot error, don’t worry here the effective way that probably fixes the problem.

Once the command prompt has been opened, perform the command below to fix MBR errors in Windows 10.

That’s all close the command prompt and restart your PC and then, you should now be able to load Windows 10 again.

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