How to Transfer Photos From iCloud To Google Photos

I want to transfer my photos from iCloud to Google Photos. How can I do that? Want to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Drive? Or Can I use both iCloud and Google Photos? Here in this article, we will show you the most reliable ways to transfer photos from iCloud to Google photos.

Is your iCloud storage full? Or maybe you’re getting ready to change your iPhone to an Android device, And you want to transfer photos from iCloud to Google photos? Most iPhone users have a lack of storage issues on their iCloud. Because of which there is no more space on their iPhone to store additional pictures. If your iCloud storage is full then it’s time to transfer photos from iCloud to google photos.

Is Google Photos Similar To iCloud? Google Photos is a photo-sharing and cloud-based photo storage service developed by Google. This is quite similar to iCloud, Google photos let you save your entire photo and video gallery online, safe and secure. So you can access those data from all your devices, not just from iOS one.

How To Transfer Photos From iCloud To Google Photos?


Want to switch from Apple Photos to Google Photos? Here in this post, we will focus on talking about how to transfer photos from iCloud to Google photos. Just follow the steps below and you can move iCloud photos to Google photos with great ease.

Transfer iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos,

  • Download And Install Google Photos On Your iPhone. Via App Store.
  • Open Google Photos Application And Turn On BackUp & Sync. And Let It Have Access(Permission) To Your Device Photos.
  • Select Your Photo Storage Size, choose whether to upload in high quality or original quality. (Note, you get unlimited high quality but only 15GB of original quality photos and videos for free.)
  • Finally, make sure you sign in to the right Google account and hit Confirm to start uploading your photos.
  • Wait for Google Photos to finish backing up all your photos.
  • Recheck all your iCloud photos were transferred to Google Photos or not!.
  • Turn off iCloud Photos on your devices, go ahead and delete everything from the Photos app to clear out your iCloud Photos. This will give you tons of storage on your iCloud!.

As you can see, it is not hard to transfer iCloud photos to Google Photos when you properly utilize the above-mentioned Steps.

Can I Transfer iCloud Data To Google Drive?

If you want to transfer iCloud photos to Google Drive you can do it easily. Moving iCloud photos to Google Drive is not hard at all. Follow the below-mentioned steps to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Drive,

  • Login into iCloud Website and Choose Photos
    • Visit On The Browser > Enter your Apple ID and password > Choose Photos.
  • Select Photos to Download from iCloud
    • Select the photos you want to transfer to Google drive photos > Click the Download button on the top right.
  • Now Open the official website of Google Drive > Enter your Google Account and password to log in.
  • Select the “+NEW” Option situated in the upper left corner.
  • Then Tap on File Upload. Then Choose photos that you have downloaded from iCloud
  • Your iCloud photos will soon be moved to Google Drive.

It’s as simple as it sounds!. By following the above steps you can easily transfer iCloud photos to Google Drive.

Copy your photos from Apple Photos to Google Photos

Recently Apple Inc has rolled out a tool that allows copy all your photos and videos to Google Photos, And it makes the switch much easier if you are moving from iPhone to Android.

  • First on your computer visit Apple’s privacy website
  • Log in with your Apple ID, then choose request to transfer a copy of your data,
  • You’ll see a summary of the number of photos and videos stored in iCloud Photos and how much storage they currently use.
  • Under “Choose where you’d like to transfer your photos” select “Google Photos.” It’s the only option right now.
  • Next check the boxes to transfer videos and photos then tap continue,

Copy your photos from Apple Photos to Google Photos

  • Tap continue to confirm that you are aware that your photos and videos won’t fully transfer if your google drive runs out of space.
  • Next login with your Google account and grant apple access to your google photos library
  • And finally, choose confirm transfers, that’s it. you should see the pictures appear in your google account once the transfer is complete.


Will Google Photos Keep My Photos Forever?

For sure, Google photos have been used by over a billion people around the globe.  Users can completely rely on its backup photos and data storage feature capabilities. Google photos will keep your photos over the years. You just need to remember your username and password so that it can be easily accessible.

Does Google Photos Backup From iCloud?

Google Photos will not directly back up from your iCloud. However, iOS users can redirect their photo backup to the Google Photos app for free and eliminate that backup feature from iCloud on iOS. By doing so it will remove the complete dependence on iCloud so that you can get some free storage for your other important data.

Do I Need iCloud Backup For Photos If I Have Google Photos?

If you have redirected your photos backup to Google photos then you don’t need iCloud Backup for photos. However, iCloud is very much necessary for iOS users to store their private data and photos which they can’t transfer on Google photos. iCloud is a much more secure service as compared to Google Photos.

Will My Photos Stay On Google Photos If Deleted From Phone?

You can easily delete photos from your device to free up some space, it will not affect Google photos as it is a cloud-based service (If you made a proper backup). The deleted photos will still be backed up in Google Photos.


We have shown you the most reliable way to transfer your photos from iCloud to Google Photos easily. If you have some more questions and doubts related to how to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Photos then you can ask us down below in the comments section. We are always there to help you!.

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