Unable To Update Android Phone? Here How To Fix It

Android system update failed

Are you encountering error message while update your android phone or Android System Update Failed To Install or your phone is stuck at the Android system update downloading? You are not alone, a number of users report Android security updates failed, being Unable To Update Android Phones or Android updates failed and the phone won’t start. If you are also struggling with a similar problem, or have a similar question on your mind “Why can’t I update my phone to Android” read the full article to know, How to fix any Android updating issue.

Why Can’t I Update My Android Version?

There might be several causes for Android system update failure, insufficient internal storage space, bad or interrupted internet connection, are some common ones.

  • Your Device Is Incompatible With That Version Of Android. (Eg, Android 10).
  • Lack Of Storage Space For The Update
  • A Faulty/Bad Internet Connection
  • Your Device May Become Old To Handle Such Updates.
  • Android mobile devices usually update automatically, but updates can be delayed or prevented depending upon the mobile manufacturer. (Customized Android brands like Xiaomi, Samsung Oppo, Vivo, etc. May delayed updates)
  • Android System Update Error May Occurred Due to Bugs and/or Malware.

Android System Update Failed To Install

If your Android mobile device isn’t updating, there are a few possible solutions that you can try on. Go through the troubleshooting tips mentioned below and fix Android system update errors.

Check The Internet Connection

Your android device needs an active internet connection to download any software update on your device. Check whether you are connected to a good active Internet network or not. We recommend you connect to Wi-Fi for the best chance of getting an update to download. Almost every android update comes with huge files to download which need a sufficient data package. Therefore, to avoid exhausting your mobile data over an update, we recommend you update on Wi-Fi. If you use your cellular data then you will get an android system update error as some android devices may not let you download updates on mobile data. Check your wireless connection and try again.


Restart Your Phone

A simple but most effective solution is to restart your android device before downloading the update. Why is my phone not updating? It may be due to an Android bug, after restarting your device it will temporarily clear the cache memory and help you to download software updates. Just press and hold the power button, select Switch off or Power Off. Wait for 10 seconds and restart your device by long pressing the power button.

Restart Android phone

No Update Available From The Manufacturer Side

May your devcie model does not support new android update, Check whether your device phone model is on the list or not for the new update.

Software updates depend upon your mobile configuration. If security patches are Up-to-date and your OS doesn’t have any issue to be addressed then the manufacturer will not release any updates for your android smartphone. Why Your Android Might Not Be Receiving Updates? If you are using a mid-range or an entry-level smartphone the update will stop receiving after a few months of purchasing.

Your Device Is Too Old

Older Android devices might not get the latest android updates anymore.  If you are using several years old devices then it may no longer update because updates are no longer being created for those models. A solution to that is to purchase a new Android mobile to continue receiving updates.

Insufficient Battery

How to fix the Android system update error? Power Up your device to at least 70% to 90% before downloading the software update. It may be possible that your device doesn’t have enough battery power to complete an Android update. Android updates are huge and can take a long time to download which will suck your battery down. Therefore, your device gives an android update error if you have insufficient Battery Life.

Lack Of Storage Space In The Device

Insufficient memory could be the main reason behind being unable to update android phone Error. As we know Android update comes with huge files which generally require additional storage space in order to complete the update properly. Having a SD Card will not help you as updates require free space on your internal storage. If you don’t have sufficient storage space, kindly try moving some huge files like videos to your SD card and delete several apps and files that are unnecessary or you don’t use.

Beside that with the help of reliable file manager app you can even delete junk files and many other unnecessary files.
Once you free up some space, try to install the system software update.

Clear data and cache of the Google play store

Sometimes this issue arises due to google play store update, in such cases clear data and cache of the Google play store app help fix the Android system update failed issue.

  • Open Settings on your android phone,
  • Go to the Applications section then look for Google play store, tap on it,
  • Finally, tap clear data and then tap on clear cache.
  • Not try again to install the system update.

Clear the Google Play Store cache

Locate The Official Service Centre To Update Your Phone

After trying all the above solutions and still you are unable to update your Android phone. Then your official smartphone service center might help you to update your device. They have the technical hands to deal with any issue. They will provide a professional and guaranteed repair service for any problem you might have with your phone, such as the software update issue discussed in this article.


There are many culprits That prevent your mobile to update and give software update errors. But with the tried-and-true solutions, we hope now you are able to update your Android device. For more troubleshooting content read our articles daily.

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